Biorhythm Compatibility

This is an individual biorhythm of compatibility which reflects biorhythmic connection between partners.
In this biorhythm you can find out: physical compatibility, emotional compatibility, intellectual compatibility, compatibility of comprehension.

This information will help you to understand your partner and yourself, biorhythm of compatibility will help to make a forecast on the development of your relationships.
Your and your partner's date of birth is required for these calculations.

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What is the astrology

What is the astrology Astrology (from Greek . ἄστρον – a star, and from ancient Greek λόγος — thought, cause) – one of the most ancient teachings according to which planetary motion('macrocosm') and everything that happens on Earth('microcosm') have a correlation.

Astrologic forecasts can be created by using different methods. Different nations had their own horoscopes that always allowed to open the doors to the unknown part of life. People are, of course, keen on knowing where to find fortune and wealth, how to stay healthy and happy. Online horoscopes provide answers to these questions.
Creation of horoscopes is a unique activity which requires sizeable knowledge and specific talent. Some people are amazed that there are only 12 Zodiac signs, but tons of people. Every person has own destiny, his own purpose, his own path. However, astrology – it isn't just science, it's, firstly, an art.

Every day brings us surprises, but if you are ready for anything then you shouldn't hide from your destiny. Furthermore, you have a wonderful opportunity to find out in advance about the events that will happen to you tomorrow. People always were attracted to amazing secrets that fill the universe. Almost every single person wants to find out more about the unknown, to find out about the purpose of life, to try to peek at his future. At the same time, there are the ones who know more than others. People have always been asking fortunetellers, astrologists for help in order to find out their personal horoscope or to calculate their map of fate. Sometimes it's pretty important to understand the compatibility of partners in relationships, character of a specific person or to get a warning on time to avoid making mistakes.

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